Our Methodology, Principles & Benchmark Learning Success System

  • Peerless Concurrence from the Field of Professionals and Academicians

    The Structural and Civil Engineering Training Courses are designed considering the latest Professional and Engineering Practice Requirements. The principle that has been followed for layout of the courses is the analytical development of enrolled candidates with the real projects that shall help them to face the challenges from an advantageous position.

  • Upgrading Civil Engineering Skills

    MileHigh Structures distinctive flagship programs are distinctly targeted for first-time engineers, senior engineers, students and more. Each of the course on this website is diagrammed to a specific set of Country design codes in line with the design software and the crucial learning outcomes of checking the design results manually with the software output.

  • Queries Resolution and Optimized Learning

    The course on this website has been developed for busy professionals along with the students and freshers. Our online learning courses are self-paced. They can be completed at your convenience. You can learn online no matter irrespective of location and timing. We also provide quick resolution support to ensure learners can ask questions or clarify doubts at any time.

  • International Design Codes

    International Design Codes The real time projects are adapted to the various country codes i.e. Europe, Australia, American, Canadian and Indian Design Standards using Manual Calculations, Excel Spreadsheets and Latest Software.

  • Real projects

    The enrolled engineers shall learn from the presentation and work along of various real projects highlighting the procedure applied along with the practical difficulties and final outcomes.

  • International Structural Consultancy

    We provide qualified expertise and professional design consultancy for a wide range of structural design and civil infrastructure projects across many countries. The foundation to achieving successful results for our clients comes through our expertise in structure design codes of various countries including US, Australia, India, Canada and Europe Continent.

Why You Should Join the Courses?

Significant gaps are there between what we are taught by the Education system and what is expected by the Employer when solving real world problems.

To get through, grow and thrive, Graduate and Professionals need to develop advance perpetual skills to steer through their career stages with confidence and self-reliance.

This website offer Application oriented curriculum entrenched in academic research and professional experience. Self-Paced courses on this high engagement platform offer focused content and case studies with range of controls and easy progress tracking.

The authors are Practicing Civil and Structural Engineers, who have versatile experience in different areas of Civil and Structural Engineering. They thrive in offering quality service, both in Technical Training and Consultancy Services. Their exposure in different domains along with an interest to innovate and excel in this competitive environment, lead them to train thousands of students in different countries.

This website is their effort to establish harmony between their professional and academic endeavors. They all have an integral vision of providing an effective platform for theoretical and practical exposure to all worthy engineers to contribute to the economic growth of their respective countries and excel both professionally and personally. 

Currently we have a total of...

  • 800+ Full HD Videos

    About Civil Engineering, RCC, Structural Steel, Composite Structures as per various country codes

  • 200+ Assignments

    Also, all courses are Project-based, meaning you will be completing a project by the end of the course, which you can add to your resume!

  • 100+ ETABS, STAAD & SAFE Project Model Files

    Practical Model Files


Knowledge Changes Everything. Learning unlocks your future and your potential.

  • Increase earning potential

  • Get certified in Civil and Structural Engineering skills

  • Start or continue your Structural Engineering journey

  • Immerse yourself in Learning various Structural Analysis and Design Softwares

  • Being Pro in Civil and Structural Engineering is easy, especially if you start with us

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